Therapist and Instructor

Phil Whittingham
Course Trainer: Phil Whittingham

In his capacity as therapist and instructor Philip Whittingham has been helping people the vast majority of his working life. He trained and qualified with the International College of Eclectic Therapies (London 1998) as a Clinical and Analytical Hypnotherapist. Since that point in time he has empowered many individuals to gain clearer understanding of how to free themselves from conflict.

From smoking cessation and phobia cures, to resolving more deeply rooted issues, all are within his remit.

On a personal level Philip finds the practice of meditation, that leads to improved mindfulness, extremely beneficial. Also, as a natural consequence of his work, he frequently utilises self-hypnosis as a tool for developing his own creativity.

Whilst closely adhering to a number of Buddhist beliefs and philosophies, he believes the art of meditation can never be tied to any specific religion.

He remains passionate about imparting the knowledge, experience and wisdom he has gained, from over twenty years of development and study.  He is a keen Blogger and also the author of a relationships workbook entitled: Create Beautiful Partnerships.

His devotion to teaching subjects that directly relate to our development is a passion that shows no signs of fading. Raising our self-awareness and gaining greater understanding of how our minds work, is something Philip believes, would benefit us all. You can contact him directly here: