Emotions: The Root of Our Beliefs

It’s either misunderstood, or more likely, denied We try so very hard to change and find the solutions to our problems. When it comes to the mind, there are those of us, who place the same level of importance on understanding it, as say, understanding life itself. So how is it, so many of these [...]

People Pleasing

"You may find this relevant today. Extracted from our workbook: 'Create Beautiful Partnerships' - we're sure it will help" ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ Michelle’s reality was loneliness There are people who take all the time and there are people who give all the time, the latter is exhausting Michelle sat at the kitchen table smoking a very large [...]

How to React With Gentleness and Dignity

Recent experiences have taught me some valuable lessons. The lessons have been stressful. This, in the most part, has been brought on by myself. I often see the kind of provocation, I'm currently experiencing, as a personal attack on my dignity. In a sense, its my reaction, and consequent thought processes, that create the problem. [...]

How to Adore the Company of Children

“Let’s be honest, it doesn’t come naturally to all of us” And even though we might not particularly enjoy children we may find ourselves with them. With this in mind, it is possible to learn how to adore them. You were one yourself after all. I’m going to ask you some important questions now: Were [...]