Focusing Your Attention

It stands to reason, that the things we’re most conscious of, are those things we focus our attention on You might think the above statement obvious, once realised I suppose it is, however, it’s surprising how the obviousness of the statement isn’t better applied. Let’s take the emotion of fear as an example.  For this [...]

Personal Development Courses

So many people dream of having different lives. We know what we want, yet seem limited by forces unknown. Feeling these unknown forces (perhaps in the form of frustration, anger or despair) simply means we’ve reached the limits of our resources. “The most valuable life skill of all is that of thinking. It is the [...]

A True Intelligence

“We humans believe we’re intelligent” The question is: does this belief help or hinder us? There are those who would say that you are what you believe, i.e, if you believe you’re intelligent, then you will be. However we must consider the yardstick we're measuring ourselves against. How do we know we’re intelligent? Science fiction [...]

Educate Me; Make My Life Beautiful

"Imagine every child making that statement" We’re not hearing it said out loud. In fact, it’s doubtful we ever will, however, for the sake of the children, and their future, we must begin to imagine every single child asserting it. How many of us regret the things we’ve done in those unthinking moments of the [...]