The Root and Purpose of Anxiety

She was stood at the window anxiously peering out from behind the net curtains. Prior to this she'd been pacing around the room, unnecessarily tidying things: placing things in a particular way on the sideboard; dusting when there wasn't any dust to be rid of. The child watching all of this must of been about [...]

Running in a New Tooth

On my initial visit to yet another NHS dentist (gosh there’ve been so many) I was asked how things are; “have you had any problems?”

Be Up to The Job

Worry Worry, in its simplest form, is projected fear. In other words, we’re thinking about a future event and applying a negative outcome. It could be work related, or just as easily, it could be something in our private life. There might be a particular task we need to undertake at work, and feel unsure [...]