Fixing Low Self-esteem from Childhood Sexual Abuse

It’s my experience that building self-esteem as an adult can prove challenging. Without first tackling the underlying reasons for why we suffer with poor self-esteem, this challenge is something we will need to keep coming back to, time and time again. And so with this in mind, how refreshing is it, to finally understand the [...]

Confused and Contradicted?

"If you spent most of your life, feeling confused and contradicted, what do you think would be the long term effect?" Insanity is one option, however, the favoured one has to be silence. That’s right, if, whenever you’ve given an opinion of fact - or otherwise - and you’ve found yourself contradicted, eventually, you’ll simply [...]

Beautiful Naivety

I’ve worked alongside a person, who has such deep and limiting insecurity within herself, it’s left me feeling bewildered. I’ve asked myself: how can this person think like this? How can she have such a shocking disregard of her own achievements? How can she be so insecure? And how is it she feels threatened by [...]