The Long Game Plan

When we compare the kind of mindset it takes to be successful, and that of successful failure, (we only ever succeed at failing) we reduce the margin for error. People who regularly achieve success in their personal and business lives, do so, through their ability to plan. There are short term, medium term, and long [...]

Dodgems or Bumpers

Yesterday we visited Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre in Devon. Immediately drawn to taking a ride on the Dodgems, it was only later, I got to thinking. Are they Dodgems or Bumper cars?  As I see it, the aim of the game is to avoid, getting bumped. That way the car reaches its top speed. If [...]

Be Yourself By Design

The Wonder of It All Sometimes I sit and ponder about the wonder of it all: the fact that I’m alive and conscious at this moment in history; at this moment in time. Just pondering on consciousness can while away hours. And how about our place in the universe? What about planet earth? A spinning [...]

A True Intelligence

“We humans believe we’re intelligent” The question is: does this belief help or hinder us? There are those who would say that you are what you believe, i.e, if you believe you’re intelligent, then you will be. However we must consider the yardstick we're measuring ourselves against. How do we know we’re intelligent? Science fiction [...]