How Very Curious

They say "curiosity killed the cat" but that was only through being overly inquisitive. Ans so, if you feel a little lost right now, stimulate your curiosity and take a moment to ponder. It could be that in order to lift your mood and get back on the straight and narrow all that's needed is [...]

It’s the Connections that Matter

“It is in all that complex synaptic entanglement that our intelligence lies, not in the number of neurons, as was once thought” - David Eagleman Consider your friends and loved ones . . . what is the quality of the connections you have with them? What kind of bearing do these people have on your [...]

Focusing Your Attention

It stands to reason, that the things we’re most conscious of, are those things we focus our attention on You might think the above statement obvious, once realised I suppose it is, however, it’s surprising how the obviousness of the statement isn’t better applied. Let’s take the emotion of fear as an example.  For this [...]

Teach Me Passion – Award Me A Beautiful Life

“Prompted by an earlier conversation I feel it’s time to talk about passion once again” How would a Buddhist describe his beautiful life? A Buddhist would no doubt go into talking about Buddhist philosophies and beliefs. He would assert that beauty is found through following his beliefs and philosophies. The Buddhists believe they have the [...]

The Train of Your Thoughts

What do you spend the majority of your time thinking about? Do you actually have thoughts about one particular subject that override all others? Let’s really pin it down with three further questions. Do you have a passion? Do you have a healthy obsession? Is there something you want to achieve that requires most, if [...]