The Survivors Code

If you’ve experienced nothing but nightmares in your early life, yet have chosen to live, you will need to follow The Survivors Code. The Survivors Code clearly states that currently there is only you in the world, and that most others are either insane, or zombies. Not the kind of zombies that like to eat [...]

Personal Power

POWERFUL: Know this word. The theory is simple. In order to become powerful - to have great personal power - we must follow some very simple rules.

People Pleasing

"You may find this relevant today. Extracted from our workbook: 'Create Beautiful Partnerships' - we're sure it will help" ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ Michelle’s reality was loneliness There are people who take all the time and there are people who give all the time, the latter is exhausting Michelle sat at the kitchen table smoking a very large [...]