Pause for Time

It can be difficult to be appreciative of anything when we’re suffering. Life can be so challenging at times, that we begin to wonder, what’s the point of it all? We become overwhelmed with our emotional pain and suffering; so overwhelmed, that it pushes out any sense of appreciation, we might have had. It is [...]

Choices, Tools, and Power

The most powerful tool, to understanding how we limit ourselves, is awareness When we take a moment to pause and consider, how we might be creating our own problems, doors of awareness begin to open. Let’s take, for example, the individual who believes life is challenging. Holding such a limiting belief, means the mind will [...]

Life Riding on the Coattails of Others

A new year beckons and with it we see the new year honours list of 2018. The British aristocracy keeping themselves at the top, by creating another elitist list, of human beings. Life riding on the coattails of others. With that in mind I'd like to create a new award: THE AWARD FOR EVERY PERSON [...]

In Response

Higher-self. In Response to: All very interesting. I personally feel Benatar is potentially a little 'too' emotionally involved with his essay - you really wouldn't want to read it when feeling a little down now, would you? He is of course talking "round-shouldered and unbacked" (to quote my late ex-father in law - a man [...]