How to Defend the Empath

"A modern term banded about nowadays is that of being an Empath. It's really just a way of describing those who have a particularly overblown sensitivity to the mental or emotional state of another" One of the main reasons for this sensitivity, I believe, comes as a result of the empath being very in touch [...]

A Beautiful Solitude

“If everyone spent time in solitude the human condition wouldn’t be quite what it is” It's a human psychological weakness; looking to avoid solitude. So is the tendency for us to overtly or covertly seek the approval and attention of others. The ego dislikes time alone for this very reason; when alone, it might initially seem [...]

I Will Never Be Silenced

"The control rods of shame and guilt are being used against the voices of reason" It's seems no matter if our opinion is reasoned and well thought out, shame and guilt are being used as a means of silencing, those who believe in the rights of the child. "Reason is in fact the true control [...]