Fixing Low Self-esteem from Childhood Sexual Abuse

It’s my experience that building self-esteem as an adult can prove challenging. Without first tackling the underlying reasons for why we suffer with poor self-esteem, this challenge is something we will need to keep coming back to, time and time again. And so with this in mind, how refreshing is it, to finally understand the [...]

Knowing The Self – What There Is To Gain

I feel this has a lot to do with confidence. This is to say, the better we know ourselves, in terms of what we like, dislike our drivings and shortcomings, the more self-assured we become. “Self-assured is having the confidence to communicate what we want (or don’t want) in clear and exact terms to those [...]

99.9% Certain of High Self-esteem

The long and the short of it is, we must never give up. Even when the odds, seem stacked against us, we humans go on. It’s this spirit of survival, in an unpredictable and violent universe, that has helped us make it this far.