Right Now, No One Has Ever Hurt You – October 6th 2018

If we were to live by the attitude “No one has, or will ever, hurt me” how would life be? The first thing we’d need to tackle is how to actually achieve this? How can it be possible to believe no one has or will ever hurt us? To start with, let’s look at the [...]

The Positive and Negative of What We Do

"Our unconscious drivings are a curious thing" Much, if not most of what we do, is driven unconsciously. When we better understand what these things are, through raising them into our awareness, we increase our choices. It's that simple: more choice is the reward for looking. In a previous post we stated: "The Talent is [...]

Human Beauty: Emotions

We don’t really know what the other animals feel. When we see a female Elephant, tending its dead calf, we can’t ever know what she’s experiencing. Does she feel pain similar to the pain a human mother would feel at the death of her child? We doubt this, probably because it’s too hard for us [...]