Self-hypnosis Training

Afternoon Group Self-hypnosis Workshop (12:00 Р17:00 Saturdays) £250

During a meditative state, we seek to raise our conscious awareness, so we may better understand the nature of our thoughts. Hypnosis differs in some respects to this.

Even though the word hypnosis originates from the Greek word hupnos, meaning sleep, we must not confuse it as such. Whilst ‘under’ hypnosis, we are in fact wide awake. All that has altered is our state of mind.

This altered state concerns the bypassing of consciousness, so we may open the mind sufficiently, to gain access to our unconscious processing

It is often our unconscious habits, beliefs and understandings, that directly conflict, with our conscious desires. As such, by learning the skill of self-hypnosis, we award ourselves the ability to directly influence this deeper, unconscious, part of our mind.

Once we have successfully bypassed our conscious resistance, the power of suggestion, is enhanced. The use of clean and clear language patterns is essential
  • What exactly is hypnosis? We begin with a fascinating, highly informative talk, on the phenomenon and history of hypnosis.
  • During the afternoon you will learn various induction techniques. These techniques have been designed specifically with self-hypnosis in mind. Whether you think primarily in pictures, sounds or feelings, we have developed a style of induction to suit. Once understood, you will easily achieve a self-induced, hypnotic trance.
  • Methods for deepening your trance (deepeners) will now be covered.
  • At this next stage the phenomenon of post-hypnotic suggestion – in the context of autosuggestion – is introduced. Understanding how to use auto-suggestive cues and hypnotic anchors is also now covered.
  • Finally, the proper use of clean, clear and powerful language patterns – for autosuggestion to be at its most effective – will be extensively covered.

Many of the techniques detailed above have been especially developed by Philip Whittingham and his associates, as such, they are unique to The School of Mind. At the close of the day you will be awarded a personalised certificate of attendance.

If you have a comment or would like Philip to contact you, with details of our soonest half day course, drop us a line by filling in the form found here.