Self-awareness Workshop


Full day Self-awareness Workshop £160.00

Raised self-awareness has to be one of the most powerful means of improving the quality of our lives. In real terms, the way in which this is achieved, is quite simple. The tools and information required, in order to begin the process of raising self-awareness, can be shared within one day.   

We begin by discussing the importance of how brief examination of the past, highlights any difficulties we may be facing, in the present. This includes our beliefs: how they are formed and how they continue to help or hinder our thinking in the present moment. Mindful understanding, of the extent to which the past influences the present, automatically raises our self-awareness.

The techniques we teach, for recognising and removing the buried beliefs and character traits that seem to limit us through life, have proven invaluable. The School of Mind is committed to empowering you with these skills and resources.

Living a life, with all the unnecessary suffering and anxiety removed, is achieved when we better understand ourselves and how our minds work. Once we see clearly, the type of mechanisms we employ to manifest our own obstacles, the less likely it is, they will arise in the first place.    

Contentment, mixed with a healthy appreciation of life and all it can offer, is something also awarded through raised self-awareness. It is true to say, once we have learnt how to be contented, our achievements, large or small, are far better appreciated.