Meditation and Mindfulness Training


Afternoon Group Meditation and Mindfulness Training (12:00 – 17:00 Saturdays) £125

A modern and unique step by step method, gently awarding you the necessary skills and techniques, for successful daily meditation, leading to everyday mindfulness

Whether experienced or beginner, our course is designed to either add to your existing skills, or smoothly guide you through your early first steps. We believe in a no nonsense approach to teaching, and seek to remove much of the unnecessary confusion and mysticism, surrounding the gentle art of meditation leading to everyday mindfulness.

What is Covered on the Day:

  • The key to finding determination and commitment
  • Correct posture in meditation
  • Correct breathing in meditation
  • Technique and meditation skills
  • Raising awareness to the nature of thought
  • Mindfulness from meditation
  • Managing stress and enhancing wellbeing from mindfulness
  • How mindfulness is achieved from meditation (anchors)
  • Building mindfulness from daily meditation

Should any concerns or misgivings arise, as a consequence of your meditation experience, it will be your teacher’s responsibility to place your mind at ease. At the close of the day you will be awarded a personalised certificate of attendance.

All in all, our aim is simple: to create a solid and secure grounding for you to build upon, in your future daily, meditation practice. A daily commitment leading to everyday mindfulness, brought about through our no nonsense approach, to being fully engaged with life.

If you would like to secure a place on our soonest training afternoon, you can arrange a call from Philip, by filling in the form found here.

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