From Gamma to Theta

You might not think it immediately useful to know what brain waves are, and potentially, it isn’t. However, there is benefit, in knowing that brain waves - or states of mind - are actually something we can have greater control over, than we might think. Better Control Over Your Mind Equals Better Control Over Your Life [...]

The Place Where Dreams Come From

Memories, that endure the test of time, are those instilled with love Where do our dreams come from? What part of the mind is responsible? Is it just the mind entertaining itself or do you believe there’s more to it than that? The established understanding is that dreams come from the unconscious mind. The part [...]

The Last Shower of Rain

There’s an expression I used to hear quite a lot as a child: “They (he or she) must think I’ve just come down in the last shower of rain” I’ve thought a lot about this expression. What exactly does it mean? As a child I always understood the expression as this: That person is assuming [...]