It’s the Connections that Matter

“It is in all that complex synaptic entanglement that our intelligence lies, not in the number of neurons, as was once thought” - David Eagleman Consider your friends and loved ones . . . what is the quality of the connections you have with them? What kind of bearing do these people have on your [...]

Define What Matters

If you’re fortunate to live long enough, there comes a point in life when things start coming into sharp focus. I suppose you could call this maturity, and one of the markers of this state, is the realisation that not much in life really matters.  We’re reminded over and over again that so many of [...]

Freer Than The Birds

It was whilst sitting, sipping a well earned cup of tea, when the robin first appeared I thought to myself: look at that cheeky Robin, she’d better not leave any droppings there. The bird had landed on the mirror of my freshly polished motorcycle you see. I was indoors. She’d got something that looked like [...]