Understanding Insomnia

Most, if not all of us, have experience sleeplessness at one time or another. During this time it's as if we're in a constant state of readiness; of high alert. No matter what we try, sleep alludes us. Thoughts tumble around uncontrollably and we can't switch them off. Restless as we roll around in bed [...]

Seeing the Hidden Observer

In the late 20th Century the American Psychologist Ernest Hilgard postulated that we all have a hidden observer. We can think of this hidden observer as an additional state of consciousness (perhaps a higher self) that we remain unaware of. Hilgard found evidence of this phenomenon whilst his students were under Hypnosis.  In order to [...]

Hypnosis and Human Ingenuity

Meldon Reservoir On our travels, if we take the time to look and consider, we see evidence of human ingenuity everywhere For example, it came to mind whilst standing looking at a wind turbine recently, how graceful and majestic they are. Some might mention the poignancy of their eerie silence; how when we’re long gone, [...]