Hypnosis and Human Ingenuity

Meldon Reservoir On our travels, if we take the time to look and consider, we see evidence of human ingenuity everywhere For example, it came to mind whilst standing looking at a wind turbine recently, how graceful and majestic they are. Some might mention the poignancy of their eerie silence; how when we’re long gone, [...]

Expensive Habits

"My counterpart at The Freedman College - Phil Whittingham - spent many years working as a Clinical and Analytical Hypnotherapist" In his capacity as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, he treated many individuals, helping them break bad habits. The most obviously and well known of those is that of smoking. At that time, twenty years ago, smoking [...]

Keep My Company

Imagine an Astrophysicist sitting in the company of a room filled with five year old children; what do you imagine he’s going to be chatting about with these kids? Perhaps he’d be able to chat about what he had for breakfast. Perhaps he could talk about the weather, or draw some nice pictures, or better [...]