Everyday Mindfulness

All of us at times can feel overwhelmed by our feelings. You might immediately assume I’m talking about the negative kind here. However, no matter what we’re feeling, if these emotions go unchecked (out of control), this can often affect our decision making skills. To add to this, emotions, acted on impulsively, can often get [...]

Someone Else’s Problem

We all love that feeling we get from putting out a bag of rubbish, or handing it over to someone else to get rid of, don’t we? Or how about taking our dirty washing over to the launderette and handing it over for a service wash? What about when we stay in hotels and leave [...]

Impulsive or Mindful?

We’ve all done it haven’t we? Walked into a shop, with the intention of only buying the provisions we need, but ended up walking out with more. It was that bar of chocolate, packet of biscuits or crisps, bought on impulse, that became the ‘more’ than we needed. Just an unthinking moment when we reached [...]

Calming the Enemy Within

We know the expression: Your own worst enemy . . . worst still, there is a truth behind it The extent to which we’re our own worst enemies isn’t yet fully realised. How we then look to blame someone or some other external factor is also something we look to ignore. It is in fact [...]

Running in a New Tooth — The Freedman College

I have a new tooth! Hurrah! It feels beautiful. I like running my tongue over it. It feels so smooth. The old one was rough and decayed with two fillings, one had collapsed, and the other felt sharp and protruding. Now though, I have a beautiful new one. I munch with it; I chew; I [...]