Print or Original?

I certainly don’t want copies anymore I want the original

Whenever I’ve bought a copy (print) of a painting in the past I’ve always felt slightly disappointed. That feeling, of disappointment, wasn’t fully recognized for what it was until I recently bought an original.

For an original, the painting wasn’t too expensive, and in fact some prints could easily cost as much

The reason, the work was relatively inexpensive, is because it’s by a new french artistic who’s part of a collaboration known as Artho Creative. A group of highly trained specialist painters, whose intention is to produce beautiful and vibrant original art, at affordable prices. Nice to know.

It could be said that we’re all original works of art

I’ve certainly found this to be the case during my work as an Analytical Hypnotherapist. No two people are the same. And when it comes to unraveling the root to confusion and emotional distress, my approach, is very much about using what the client gives me.

It is so often the case, that what we throw away as insignificant and inconsequential, often proves to be the very thing that can cure us. A word, mannerism or phrase can be so significant, and not only this, it can be the things that go unsaid that can matter the most. Just a feeling, we can’t fully express or understand, can be the solution to the puzzle. Much like my inability to recognise disappointment when buying copies of original work. I certainly don’t want copies anymore I want the original.

Better understanding our feelings can hold part of the solution to our confusion

Feelings tell us so much about ourselves. If we’ve spent many years holding back we can become trapped in moments from the past. Our repression can be so obvious to others. Conversely, if we lack emotional maturity, and our feelings run out of control, we never fully experience the pleasure of being a stable and grounded human being.

The ideal is to improve our self awareness

Self-discovery is found through curiosity, investigation, and creativity. In other words, recognising the human trait, of how we copy others and how this either limits or empowers us, is extremely liberating. Taking the best examples of what we see around us and then making them our own involves improvement. We must improve on what we see. We become original in this respect. So notice, be curious about those you admire, and think about how you could improve on them. Be original, be the best you can be.

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