How Very Curious

They say “curiosity killed the cat” but that was only through being overly inquisitive. Ans so, if you feel a little lost right now, stimulate your curiosity and take a moment to ponder.

It could be that in order to lift your mood and get back on the straight and narrow all that’s needed is a little curiosity

It’s those people that have passion in life, they never seem to tire of, who remain the happiest and most fulfilled. Think of sportsmen who’ve had the same passion for their sport for years and years. And later, how they never fully retire, having retained some interest, albeit of a changed capacity and involvement. This must give them grounding, purpose and direction, throughout their entire lives.

It can be difficult if we’ve never been shown the power and purpose of passion

It is of course those fortunate children, whose parents encouraged and positively reinforced their natural talents, who go on to develop continued curiosity and passion. It’s never too late. We’re perfectly able to find subjects that grab our curiosity at any stage of life. This is something that can give us purpose and direction in later life. Be curious and find your passion.

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