The Communication Game

It’s all about love

Feelings never lesson as we age we just get better at dealing with them

A recent encounter reminded me about the importance of indifference. So many of us have issues relating to anger and past hurts. The problem being, that during conversation, we can inadvertently project these things on to others. We learn a little about each other and then base a huge number of assumptions on this small amount of information. For example, our gender is usually fairly apparent, and this simple observation is sufficient for us to make a vast amount of assumptions. And of course a great number of them will be way of the mark.

Understanding that much of the communication between us is based on assumptions and untruths, helps us to remain indifferent, and completely impartial

My recent encounter, and the comments made, were designed to be hurtful but were based on a very small piece of information – where I was originally from. I instantly understood that her issue with my homeland was hers and hers alone. It was this that enabled me to remain indifferent and unaffected; a very important attribute when ever we’re conversing with others.

If people see you as a threat they may attack! It could have been the case that her main issue was the fact I’m male. Whatever the issue her attack was done very surreptitiously and skillfully. If only the energy we all expend on subterfuge were focused into solving internal issues, how much healthier would we all be? As long as we fail to understand each other, and in particular, what our motivations are, the battle of the sexes remains active.

A loving encounter is so beautifully refreshing and always occurs between the self-aware.

It cannot be stressed enough how important self-awareness is. When life is filled with loving encounters between people, who design it to be this way, it certainly lifts the spirits. Never make assumptions, let them go, because most, if not all of them, will be incorrect. Today is all about love, it starts with you.

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