Independent Thinking Reality

Those who consider themselves as independent thinkers are usually very proud of this. It’s seen as a very positive character trait. Surly then, it must follow, the more independent we are in our thinking, the better?

Within everything there exists a positive and a negative

Due to their nature, independent thinkers, can at times, feel a little isolated, however, and within reason, they do have the ability to remain comfortable in their own company. Provided they’re sufficiently entertained that is.

When we find a way to offset the negative we can use the positive with renewed purpose and direction

This is to say, when we recognise what holds us back, we’re free to exploit our talents to their utmost. For example, if an independent thinker were to spend too much time in the company of others, this would potentially hamper their development. To think independently we must be exactly that – independent of the thoughts and opinions of others.

So what we must learn is the importance of freedom from the crowd

The same follows for any of us. If we spend too much time in the company of dependent people, or need constant stimulation by other means, our thoughts and behaviours will be influenced by this. To a greater or lesser degree we’re all open to suggestion; you’d be surprised to learn by just how much. In order to stop distracting ourselves – and ultimately aiding those who wish to influence our thinking without our knowledge – we must be mindful and disciplined. Keeping our minds on track is important if we’re to succeed.

Being creative is the form of entertainment we must use to distract ourselves when alone 

Paradoxically, developing your independence, is actually for the benefit of everyone. To experience me – and the level of freedom meditation training can bring – you will need to complete your application form here. Want a beautiful life? Make the decision to be positively influenced with knowledge.