Just to Make you Aware . . .

Lay down your weapons of battle.

The battle for power is a fascination. What is it all about and why do we humans need to engage with this fight so fully?

The purpose of today’s post is to simply make you aware. From a personal perspective I feel completely exhausted by the battle for power. Perhaps I’m seeing it wrong and need to change my viewpoint? Is it a battle or just the way things are? A constant. Human nature. The human condition. Whatever.

From mannerisms to words and actions we’re all at it. We’re all seeking power. And yet here’s the cruncher my friends, it’s all an illusion.

I walk around and see the wealth. Large houses, yachts, expensive cars. All the grown up toys. Are these things just part of being successful or are they a symptom of something else? Are they a substitution for something? What does it really mean to be wealthy? Is being financially successful simply a focusing of the will and an easy means to gain the illusion of power? I suspect it is, and so the poor must gain their illusions in other ways. The poor must use their brains; their cunning.

We’re told it’s far easier to follow the path of righteousness when one is poor. Hilarious. I laugh at this. If royalty and the religious are the examples we must all follow how is it they’re all so rich? A priest may live an austere life and yet the institution he belongs to has wealth to boggle the mind. It runs in to billions. Is this where their power lies? I see no evidence of it being divine.

And so back to how the poor must gain their power.

I’ll let you in to a little secret my friends, power is gained through knowledge. Power is gained through awareness. You see, we have this system where power is measured through your wealth. In some circles how much money you have decides how well regarded you are and comfortable you’ll be. Whilst aware if this I walk and notice the people living out of vans; #vanlife as its become known. And just on the other side of the street I see the massive mansions with the range rovers parked outside. Further on I see the man with his long beard lying on cardboard in an abandoned shop doorway. He’s resting under an old sleeping bag, trying to stop the cold, seeping in. Each person, whether in the van, on the streets, or in his mansion, has his own understanding, of what it is to be powerful.

Each one is living their own version of power.

Remember now, it is all an illusion. In the big house, or driving the big car, protected and shielded from the world. In the van moving around evading the system. In the shop doorway; the only care the next meal or drink. All have power and believe they are more powerful than you. Remember it is all an illusion now.

Let me share my understanding.

Love is power. Empower someone with your love. Share a simple understanding and that sharing can change a persons life. This understanding of love is the only personal power you will ever need. My human need to gain a sense of power diminishes once I acknowledge the power of love within me. It might sound like an old cliché, however, think of this: All of those examples, of people who believe their particular lifestyle awards them power, could walk away from the battle.

We’re all empowered to turn from the battle when we understand how giving love away awards us it’s power.

There is no confusion over this. Even the man sleeping in a doorway has great power once he’s given his love away. Perhaps all he need do is teach you how to fashion a walking stick out of a broken branch to experience the power of love. The man in his mansion could pay a bill on time and thank those in his service. As could the guys living in vans take an equal share in contributing to society. Remember, the power you’re currently seeking is just an illusion my friends, change your point of view, and lay down your weapons of battle.

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