Absurd Enforced Altruism

Ready Going Nowhere

disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others. Example: ‘some may choose to work with vulnerable elderly people out of altruism

How can it ever be necessary to enforce this kind of behaviour? How is it we believe it necessary to ruin our economies and people’s lives in order to protect the vulnerable. Is it not the case that the vast majority of us love and care enough for the vulnerable to shield them, build our own immunity, and then welcome our loved ones back into the fold?

When the oxygen masks deploy from the passenger service unit (PSU) on an airliner, it would be foolish to help another, before yourself.

It can never be right and proper to restrict the lives of healthy people in order to protect the vulnerable. We are being taught to put others before ourselves. A nonsense. It can never be useful to put the lives of others before our own. This might sound like a very strange thing to say, however, if we take a moment to consider how this damages both us and them, it becomes clear.

It is in fact obvious how damaging it is. All we need do is look at the economy and the suffering of ordinary people. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This enforced altruism is ridiculous in its nature. Suffering and damage is amplified through the belief that others must come before ourselves. Overprotecting the vulnerable further weakens them. Instead, we must all consider ourselves as equal, and through this belief, gain the ability to protect ourselves first. We must put ourselves first, build our immunity, and in turn protect the vulnerable.

None of us are fully alive, whilst imprisoned by outdated, limiting beliefs.

Free, healthy and happy people, will choose altruism. We can only wonder, if given the choice, would healthy people deliberately become ill with covid-19, to build immunity, in order to protect the vulnerable? Of course they would. And on some level they already are. This is true altruism.

Have we been given this choice or have the politicians demonstrated their fear of being thrown out of government? It’s highly likely that next time around, they’re going to find fulfillment of this fear, is it not?

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