The Power of Perspective

If we look beyond our current problems we will see there is nothing to fear

I wonder if anyone has ever accused you of ‘blowing things out of proportion.’ It was certainly something I did as a younger man and still do in unguarded moments now. It’s almost as if being disproportionate actually awards us something; some element of drama and stimulation to our lives perhaps.

When it comes to managing stress and anxiety, being disproportionate, is a habit we must look out for. In other words, are we simply adding to our stress levels through adopting the bad habit of disproportionality.

Balance is not something we’re necessarily shown in the world about us.

For example we can ask: is the media offering balance in its reporting right now? The pandemic we’re all currently living through is a prime example. We know that 88% of people who have, or will, lose their lives to covid-19, are in the high risk category. And so from this we also know that some 12% are not.

What we must now ask is: are the current levels of fear and restrictions we’re being put under in proportion to this? I would suggest they are not, and it is simple politics, deciding much of the game here. If people started dying in their beds at home would we vote the some government back into power next time around? Probably not.

On the smaller scale it’s important for us to be aware of proportion in our personal lives. We must ask: is the level of anxiety and stress I feel for this issue (insert issue here) really in proportion? Are my thoughts and feelings in proportion to the facts?

If we look beyond our current problems we will see there is nothing to fear.

When we take things down to their very basic level it can help us. I can honestly say to you, the times in my life when I’ve felt happiest and most free of stress, have been when it was only the basics I’ve needed to be concerned with. It’s been the times when I’ve owned nothing and have only felt a responsibility to myself. And all of that happened after my fear of losing everything had actually happened.

I know that being solely responsible to yourself isn’t possible if you have families and business responsibilities – responsibilities and duties to others, however, once again, perspective can come to our rescue here. Modern society has seen to it that having dependents becomes a shared responsibility and must be kept in proportion to your current resources. If you’ve done the right thing in regard to your business affairs, then you have nothing to fear, either. Are you blowing things out of proportion? Be aware. It’s always possible to start again, and this time, without the drama.

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