Chaos and Order

‘One must have chaos in oneself to give birth to a dancing star.’ – Friedrich Nietzsche

It’s interesting to think of how the universe follows a process of chaos before order followed by chaos once again. We only need think of the birth and death of stars to see this.

I feel we shouldn’t overly concern ourselves with the periods of chaos we might experience throughout our lives. When we think of the disruptive nature of change we can also see how order is brought about through experiencing chaos. In this respect we must only see change as opportunity.

Consider the stress of moving house. The chaos of packing moving and then unpacking. Nevertheless, when moving house, we’re given the opportunity of throwing out all the unnecessary and unwanted detritus accumulated through our stagnation. We establish a new dwelling, feeling renewed, and ready to begin again.

See upset, change and periods of chaos, for what they really are: Opportunity.

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