A State of Wonder

Determination and discipline required

Many of us are experiencing high levels of stress right now. Amongst other things we’re worried about business, jobs, money and what the future may hold for our families. This is why it’s ever more important to concentrate on learning how to find peace and sanctuary within ones mind through a kind of emptiness.

In some ways emptiness of mind may seem a strange thing to assert.

How can it be possible to ’empty’ the mind? Well of course to literally empty the mind is impossible. Even so, what we can do, is find short periods when there is nothing other than an awareness and curiosity of one particular thing. Perhaps breathing or the temperature in the room is our point of focus. With determination and discipline we’re then able to build on this.

I often think of the science fiction concept of androids.

I wonder how it would be to have a mechanical body – that doesn’t experience pain, hunger or ageing – and a mind that is simply aware and curious of its environment. And I wonder about the clarity of a mind that has no pain, cravings, opinions or judgments. This fascination has helped me realise how simple awareness and curiosity was something I possessed as a child and can return to again if I choose.

We return to a state of simple awareness and curiosity through focus.

We begin by noticing our thoughts. What is the nature of these thoughts? Are they based on cravings? Are they pain or fear based? We raise our awareness to the nature of what it means to be a biological life form. We notice how the mind craves constant stimulation. We acknowledge these things, without judgement, and then focus on bringing the mind back to how it was as a child. The empty innocence of a child. We focus the mind into a time when it was simply aware and curious of its environment.

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