Being Unique

Commitment Required

It’s like the Scotsman – with a very strong Scottish accent – who lives in the south of England. He stands out, and in a relatively small town, everybody knows who you’re talking about when you say: ‘You know . . . . the guy with the broad Scottish accent.’

‘Oh yeah, the painter and decorator!’

‘That’s the chap,’

‘Now I come to think of it my windows have needed a lick of paint for some time.’

Anything or anyone, that seems out of context, gets noticed, and it just so happens, there’s a very successful and contented, Scottish painter and decorator, currently living in the south of England

Or how about Elvis Presley and The Sex Pistols. And at the very extreme: Gary Glitter, Micheal Jackson and Donald Trump, they’re unique.

So if you want to be noticed – and hopefully for the right reasons – do it through being unique. You’re one of a kind.

Perhaps though, there’s something better and far easier than leaving your homeland, or becoming a rock star, or a politician. How would it be, if you joined a rather unique band of people, who’ve chosen to overcome their fear and learnt about how to understand themselves better? How would it be if you truly knew yourself?

Many would claim they already have this quality or ability and yet still go on to lead lives full of conflict.

Knowing the self is all about easing conflict you see. When we truly know ourselves, we’re better able to make decisions and choices in life, that aren’t likely to come back, at a later stage, and bite us on the bum, as it were.

Embarking on a journey of self-discovery takes courage and fortitude. Nevertheless, once underway, it’s a path that opens up life in ways we can’t fully appreciate, until we’re on route.

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