‘Then he asked me to imagine a past I feel would have better equipped me to get what I want in the future. I mean that really is a tall order, don’t you think?’

‘A tall order, what makes you say that?’

‘Well, we’d been talking about my past and looking at how some of the experiences, that seem to stick in my mind, might be holding me back. He said it’s a bit like a plant that’s pot-bound, you know, like when a plant’s roots have no room to grow, and so the plant stays stunted and small. I think that’s a deliberate strategy with bonsai. Anyway, he explained that a restrictive past is likely to be still holding me back now. It’s a tall order to try and imagine a different one isn’t it?’

‘I suppose it is but doesn’t hypnosis help with imagining things, this guy uses hypnosis right?’

‘He does yeah. But what about those people you read about who experience hardship and other difficulties in childhood, and then go on to achieve success in later life, they’ve not used hypnosis.’

‘How do you know they haven’t used hypnosis? I mean from my experience successful people tend to be quite creative and you need a good imagination for that. I’ve looked into hypnosis and it’s said that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. I’ll bet it’s those people who’re able to use their imagination that succeed at escaping a difficult past. To borrow your therapist’s analogy for a moment, you’re only pot-bound, if you fail to use your imagination creatively, surely?’


It’s true to say that some people never move beyond the experiences of their past. Their childhood continues to define their lives and if this childhood had difficulties, involving high degrees of neglect or other forms of abuse, their lives remain a reflection of this.

Those of us trapped within this predicament often reach a point where frustration and confusion prompt the need for change.

Educating ourselves and moving out of ignorance is the only way to quell our confusion and frustration. Through understanding how we can become pot-bound, due to the sticky nature of certain experiences, helps us to break free. Imagining a different, less restrictive and more creative past, is one aspect to become involved in. This can happen once we’ve unstuck a sticky experience. Through Analytical Hypnotherapy we can safely relive such experiences – expand our memory of them (unstick) – and then gain updated understandings of their effects and consequences.

We can examine the lives of successful people – who’ve had difficult childhoods – and reach conclusions that help us to break free from similar backgrounds. From personal experience I can easily relate to this. I have the ability to escape into my imagination during stressful times. It’s something we can practice and become better at. Using the imagination during hypnosis adds to its power. Adds to its clarity.

We know from studies of the brain that the unconscious knows no difference between what is imagined and what is real.

Reprogramming the mind, encouraging ambitions and expectations through utilising the power of imagination, is how to ease confusion and frustration. Imagine the process of replanting: changing old soil for rich, moist compost. Imagine awarding a plant’s roots room to grow into a beautiful and ornate ceramic home. We change the past by changing how we view it. The past no longer exists except within our mind and we are free to do whatever we want with that.

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