The Lust for Power

Asserting control over the self, may ultimately, be the only power, you’ll ever need

It’s important for us to be aware of how we use the lust for power. Is it helping or hindering us?

It’s my belief that the lust for power can be used in both positive and negative ways. We can lust for another person or have a lust for life and there’s no denying its power. And when we find what we lust for its intensity is only magnified. Is this why when we give a man power all he seems to want is more? And is this why it’s said that if you want to test a man’s character, give him power?

There must be a strict code of conduct for those who have a lust for power over others.

There is big difference between the man or woman who want’s power over others, because it satisfies a lust for dysfunctional dominance, and that of a man or woman whose lust has firstly been directed over their self. In terms of power testing a man or woman’s character, we only need to compare loving and kind leaders against the cruel despots, of the past.

Lust for life and power following the guidelines of love.

Lust often comes before love and if we want to be leaders of people we must lust for control over ourselves and our own lives first. When this evolves into love, the examples we set, become clear to all. As leaders we’d be lying to ourselves if we were unable to follow the rules for clean living. Asserting control over the self, may ultimately, be the only power, you’ll ever need. When we have the ability to live a clean, virtuous life, be silent and yet loquacious when required, love must be on our side. And when this is the case, fully open the door to your lust, for more and more.

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