Useful Beliefs

Are yours?

If you were a king or a queen, and in order to carry out your duty and justify your position in life, would it be useful to believe you are of divine right. The belief: “This is the life I’ve been awarded by God” certainly has the power to justify the life, duty, wealth and rights, of kings and queens. On the other hand, the belief: “This is the life I’ve been given” has the alternative power to keep and individual in a state of poverty and powerlessness. A priest for example.

If the belief fits wear it

It’s when the belief doesn’t fit that we must strip ourselves of its burden. In other words, if a belief is a throwback from childhood and no longer relevant or useful in the life you now want, get rid of it. Let’s take the example of an extremely general belief: I am human.

Now if you were a bear or a cat, for example, the belief I am human certainly wouldn’t fit. Indeed, I doubt animals less conscious than ourselves, actually have beliefs, that said, I’ve often wounder if some dogs believe they’re human. Anyway, I have it on good authority that some humans actually believe that they’re souls don’t originate from earth, but from somewhere entirely different.

Initially you might think people with this kind of belief are insane, and yet here’s the thing: People who hold useful-delusional-beliefs are often highly successful. And when I say successful what I actually mean is they’re happy and fulfilled.

Have the individuals, who have stripped themselves of the belief: I am human, found this beneficial?

Your mind may have jumped straight to the likes of Tom Cruise or John Travolta and their association with Scientology However, I also have it on good authority, that you don’t need to be a Scientologist to reject the belief that you’re an evolutionary split from chimps. Consider the successful rock star who wrote songs about being an alien. Did he believe this – at least while writing them?

What’s wrong with being human anyway?

It’s said that the Scientology doctrine states our origins go back trillions of years (in the spiritual form of thetans) and it is this spiritual being that is the creator of life. We might now ask: is this a useful belief? There are certainly many members of the church who would tell you it is. However:

There’s no need to join a church or cult – or to reject your humanity – to find powerful and useful beliefs

Try this one for size: You are a child of the universe; the extraordinary product of chance and billions of years of evolution. Surely this belief makes you no less extraordinary than a spiritual being that came into existence trillions of years ago?

When we really take a moment to consider our true selves (children of the universe) we can recognise our true greatness. We have no need of fiction when we consider the truth. How remarkable are we? In fact, I would go further and suggest that if we could really see the process of development (in all its glory) that has made us what we are, we’d have far greater faith in our future survival.

So if you’re a king or queen, by all means continue to believe you are of divine right, as for the rest of us mere mortals? Well, on a personal level, I believe there is little value in believing my soul is that of a thetan, I’d much rather acknowledge how my greatness is intrinsically sown into the evolved, rather miraculous human being, that I am. Now, where did I leave that bone?

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