All You Need is Love

I’ve been awarded an MBE! Surely not, me? An MBE?

Actually, there’s no award, no MBE, I lied, and after this short piece, there’s never likely to be one in the offing either. So with that said, let’s get to some truths.

You see, when it comes to truth, it’s all about perspective. It’s about how you choose to look at something, and how you choose to feel about it, and that’s all there is to it really. Your truth is just that: your perspective, your opinion. However, how we choose to view and feel about something, can have a very powerful effect on our lives.

In life, there are times, when we’re unaware or confused, as to why we often don’t fully achieve our goals – irrespective of our perspective – and so what follows, are some clues to help solve the riddle. Also, the bewildering facts of life, in terms of how the elite stay elite, and the rest of us stay small, is also explained within the next few paragraphs.

Let’s start with this example. You may think being awarded an MBE, or any award for that matter, is something special. Perhaps you’d be right to feel pleased to have been honoured with such a prestigious award as an MBE. If so, good luck to you.

The alternative perspective though, would be to feel manipulated and belittled, by this act. Consider this: The Beatles were given an MBE back in the sixties. Now, it was certainly plain to see, The Beatles were very popular by this time, so popular in fact, they were becoming a force to be reckoned with amongst the young. They had influential power, yet this power was never abused, they simply enjoyed being fabulous, new and inventive rock stars.

Now, imagine you’re the aristocracy observing the rise of such a power. Imagine you felt threatened by this unknown entity: rock stars. Imagine asking yourself what would be needed, in order to remind them, (The Beatles) and all their fans, who is in charge, and who (or what) is the most powerful force in Britain.

That’s right, what would we need to do in order to reassert the balance? The solution, as we now know, is to give such a force an award. Wow! What a wonderful way to ensure you ride on the back of someone else’s success and assert your own power at the same time.

When it come to games of power, no one is better at playing these games, than the British aristocracy. Some, but not many, are seeing through these games. It’s possible John Lennon saw through it – he was certainly intelligent enough and endowed with an extremely powerful force – as he returned his MBE in November 1969 citing Britain’s involvement in the Nigerian civil war and its support for America in the Vietnam conflict as his reasons.  

You see, power games are played very subtly. Take some time to ponder and then consider the merit of the following: When you’re given an award, the unconscious statement from those giving it, is this: Because we have a history, we’re stronger, richer and therefore more powerful than you. By this accord, we claim the right to be properly qualified to give you an award.

“In fact, the reality is, no one is better or stronger than you, and as such, have no right to belittle you by giving you an award. The act of giving awards gives the awarder power over you”.

The award actually states: “we’re better than you.” Power, and the recognition of them having it, is disguised as recognition of you. “You are awarded for recognition for services to…..”  How dare they! 

The MBE, awarded the Beatles, weakened them, and at the same time, strengthened the aristocracy. The Beatles had no need for an award. It was never something they reached for, sought or expected. They were great before it was given, with sales of records that stand testament to this. The aristocracy had no right to invite themselves upon their success. Put simply it was despicable behaviour.

Although at a slightly different level, the same principles apply throughout. Consider awards given within the workplace. You may be well aware of the childlike nature of the awards some companies give their employees. Frankly, some of the awards, given to staff by large corporations, remind me of something that would be given out to a five year old at primary school. Or perhaps a good monkey or pet dog.

At this point I’m so, so tempted to start swearing, and God help me if Bob Dylan makes any positive mention of his recent award. I say: ‘don’t play the game man, stay great!’ . . . Oh bollocks, too late.


The same applies to you, the awards don’t mean a thing. They mean nothing: no thing. No one is qualified to award you, and in the same measure, no one is qualified to belittle you. Be great and greater still by only expecting in return what The Beatles, and those like them, were built on: LOVE.

“You receive love, not from awards, but by the power of love instilled within you – love, silently growing within, from your acts of bravery. Every single day you get out of bed and live a good life, never living off the hard work of others, is true courage”.

Never exploiting others, only ever giving to others, is bravery. Be assured: you will be rewarded in ways you currently cannot conceive. Do it, be brave, give love and you’ll never look back. Above all, always ensure your perspective, is in the right place.

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