The Silent Universe

Learn to sit, in a quiet empty space, and become one with the place you belong. The Silent Universe.

As he thinks of it now he can remember being a silent child. Nothing to say, no opinions, a quiet mind, and yet there was something. No sound, but feelings instead. Just feelings and not many of them good. Most, if not all, where twinged with a feeling of dread, or nervousness; sometimes blank.

Considering the time spent as a child – when there wasn’t much to compare – thoughts would have been simple with endings; the links we develop yet to form. As we age, experiences grow, as do our belief systems; a network in the head. Thoughts become beliefs and beliefs become thoughts, and so rather then ending and dead, our thoughts go on and on. The links; the neural pathways, growing and developing, as we’ve aged.

When we’ve a mind to, we can trace our thoughts, all the way back to their beginnings.

It’s like a slap to the face, or a brick on the head, it’s how we later consider these events; later to form our opinion-beliefs. He could think of the recent event when confronted by an angry young man, he said: “Don’t walk up to me I’ll knock you right out!” Outrageous! How dare the little shit speak to me that way! The rage grows and grows, until stopped, by the intervention, by the calm of quiet reason. Yes he was terrified, I’d frightened him so. Just as the slap and the brick on the head, all those years, in the past.

Still outraged, from then, and so projected with indignation, to the thoughts of this young man in his head. Once realised – where the root of his outrage lay – a calm, helps him show compassion – to the arrogance of fear – in the young

Calm yourself violence is never the solution

When the calmness of quiet descends, the world and its noise of manic confusion, matters less, and less, to him now. He’s turned off the news: the reporting of events so beyond his influence or control, and now has time on his hands. What to do with the time neither matters, when there’s quiet, in the room, of his mind.

Consider the rest of the universe, with no atmosphere, there isn’t a sound. Imagine such quiet burning stars, black holes; collisions, explosions all without sound. Even the supposed big bang didn’t even make a whimper.

It’s said, human consciousness, is how the universe understands itself. Well, it becomes clear when you think, that the sounds in your head must be confusing as hell to the cosmos. Learn to sit, in a quiet empty space, and become one with the place you belong. The Silent Universe.

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