Understanding Insomnia

Most, if not all of us, have experience sleeplessness at one time or another. During this time it’s as if we’re in a constant state of readiness; of high alert. No matter what we try, sleep alludes us. Thoughts tumble around uncontrollably and we can’t switch them off. Restless as we roll around in bed trying to get comfortable. Or still as stone just wishing we could switch off and sleep! Become unconscious.

On a deep level there are those who fear that if they fall asleep they’ll never wake up. Are you afraid of dying? This is easily resolved once we’re able to reason with the mind. Why should you think that it’s your time right now? Have you not things to do? If so, be rest assured, you will wake up. Give yourself a purpose for tomorrow.

And of course there are the depressed and conflicted: part of them wants sleep, to escape from their misery, and yet there’s a healthier part that wants to live. It’s this conflict, frustratingly, that’s keeping them awake.

Anxiety is common. We worry about the future, we worry about the past. What will happen tomorrow, next week, next month. We replay the day worrying about what we said and did. These thoughts, can’t we just switch them off?

Now we know what causes our sleeplessness, we might be conflicted, frightened, or anxious, the good news is, understanding the mechanism helps. Believe it or not there is purpose behind our insomnia. The mind can’t rest with conflict so this must be resolved. The mind stays alert when frightened, so we must calm ourselves, down. The mind stays alert whilst we’re excited over that puzzle of unfinished business.

Imagine how it would feel to be wrapped in a warm blanket of love. A blanket that takes the fear away, allowing you to drift effortlessly down into a calming, restful sleep.

The insomniac must learn the ways of the mind and understand where their fears lie. They must regularly practice methods for controlling their runaway thoughts; be this meditation hypnosis or both.

You can contact me directly here: philip@schoolofmind.care – Professional Assistance.

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