Find the Good and Focus on That

Sometimes it’s harder to see the good

Is the grit that produces the pearl a necessary evil?

I sometimes think that it must be easier to focus on all the bad behaviour of man. I feel this because there are times when finding the good and focusing on this are completely beyond my grasp.

But of course there must be good in the world for there to be bad, this is common sense. And so making the effort to see and acknowledge the good brings its own rewards. This is achieved through raising awareness to the nature of our thoughts and then switching our attention.

Our mood will lighten, positivity will take over, and we will feel greater enthusiasm to do good ourselves through seeing it within others. Reading about how great leaders of the past, have been motivated to do good – and be great leaders – simply because they have experienced and witnessed the depravity and bestiality of man, is enlightening.

One way to find the good in man is to be interested and inspired by great leaders of the past and present. The more we see the advantages of living a virtuous life, and being kind to our fellow man, the more motivated we become. If we want to live well, we must seek out these examples and dismiss the opposites, from our minds.

Once again it comes down to mindfulness, and how removing negative opinions from our minds, frees us to seek out positivity and happiness. Mindfulness comes as a result of raising our awareness through daily meditation.

If the contents of this post has piqued your interest, and you would like to know more about great leadership, this book is a good start.

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