You’re the Priority

Do you value yourself sufficiently?

Forming the idea of seeking a therapist firstly involves the act of making yourself the priority. If you’re the kind of person that people use as a doormat, it’s highly unlikely I’ll be knocking on your door, anytime soon. You simply don’t value yourself sufficiently.

It’s so often the case that we think that if everyone else is alright, then we’ll be alright too.

We seek to make the lives of others comfortable and happy and yet this is at the expense of ourselves. When we understand that no matter how hard we try and control the actions of others – in an attempt to make our lives feel safe and secure – the less likely it is, this will be the end result. If anything unhappiness, stress, sleeplessness etc., will be the outcome. There can be no happiness in seeking to control others; never.

And so when it comes to making yourself healthy, you must understand, that those who are well, are this way, simply because they make themselves the priority.

The patterns of behaviour we follow as adults have been learnt in the past. We’ve been shown that certain ways of being and behaving have value and purpose. In this respect it’s what we’re doing that’s creating our illness. This is due to the fact that the patterns of behaviour we’re following from childhood, are no longer working. They may have worked on one level for those around us in childhood, and yet now, they are completely redundant. 

Hypnotherapy has the power to bring what’s hidden into our conscious awareness. Hypnotherapy creates ‘eureka moments’ that change lives.

It’s these profound moments of understanding that lift our awareness. Such raised awareness can only instigate change. This therapist can help you understand your reticence but you must pick up the phone. 

He’s made you aware of his existence. Just as the mind is seeking to make you aware through illness. That’s right, when things don’t feel quite right, the mind is seeking to communicate. Just as when we catch a cold due to stress, the body’s saying . . . rest and make yourself the priority.

You can find out more about the Hypnotherapy services I offer by clicking here.

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