Stop Running!

We ignored the headmaster

Image by Prawny from Pixabay
Stop running, walk!

You might well remember running as a child. We ran everywhere as children didn’t we? Always in such a hurry. As we’ve gotten older though, we’ve slowed a little, and we no longer run everywhere. We no longer hear the headmaster telling us to walk!

Running became something of a habit

Most of us have stopped physically running everywhere and yet we still have the habit. We have the habit of running, yet, it’s something we do, on the inside of our minds.

Our minds are constantly running on to the ‘next thing.’ We’re always in a hurry; running through life. We believe life is about doing and experiencing which of course it is, however, our minds are constantly one step ahead. The problem with this habit is, we’re never actually fully experiencing, what’s happening right now. Our mind is too busy running on to what comes next.

Mindfulness involves the awareness of now

As a result, of fully immersing oneself in the present moment during meditation, we highlight the habit of running. When mindfully present, we see that our childhood habit never actually left us, it just changed.

In reality we ignored the headmaster, because as soon as his attention was elsewhere, we carried on running. This was our mistake. Stop running, mindfully walk through life, and fully experience it.

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