I am, What I Think I am…

Life can be beautiful if only we were to think that way

The practice of being mindful of our thoughts brings about certain changes. Once we acknowledge that we are indeed what we think we are, remarkable progress, can be made. The quality of our lives can be lifted.

Of course none of this matters if you’re currently feeling okay and your life is running relatively smoothly (within your own tolerance and parameters). It’s only when we take an active interest in making some kind of change do we start to actually consider, how our own minds, are the problem. Most of us have such amazing abilities to adapt and ‘cope’ that we rarely bother looking at this kind of advice, until a crisis point, has been reached.

Do we need to look at this before a crisis?

It’s my experience that once faulty information has been programmed into the mind it slowly eats away at the fabric of our being. We gradually become less as our neurosis deepens. Our confusion becomes increasingly intrusive until we become so dis-eased we can no longer think straight. So yes, we need to be mindful of what we’re thinking, every single moment, of every single day.

It’s a kind of painless suicide of the useless and destructive thinking that binds us.

It can take a lifetime to fully comprehend how our thoughts define who we are and what kind of life we’re destined to live. As such, it’s important to at least make a start. If we kill our destructive thoughts, through mindfully acknowledging our own destructive nature, we can stay alive long enough to thrive. Life can be beautiful if only we were to think that way. Take or leave it if you please.

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