During Meditation

Question, discover, change

During Meditation we must ask . . . What is the Nature of My Thoughts?

That’s right, when we sit and meditate our thoughts begin to flow. As this progresses we take on the role of objective observer. It can prove very powerful indeed when we’re able to separate ourselves from our thoughts and start to question their nature. We deliberately instigate secondary thoughts about what we’ve been thinking. In this way we’re beginning the useful process of understanding how we think. These types of questions are useful:

What are the consequences of my thoughts?

  • Where is my mind (past, present, future or fantasy)?
  • Are these thoughts instilling doubt?
  • Do they concern useful planning and if so does this have anything to do with being calm and present?
  • Are they simply useless ramblings?
  • Are they opinion forming?
  • What kind of opinion (negative or positive) are they forming? 

Ultimately, what we’re looking to do is study the nature of our thoughts, acknowledge their value (none in terms of rest) to then gently bring the mind back to an alternative focus. 

Whilst sitting, meditating, we’re taking time out to self-nurture. We must hold the intention of achieving a calm and present mind. The process of studying the mind, often helps us realise how irrelevant thoughts are, when seeking calm. We’re able to discredit them simply by seeing them for what they are. It might seem odd to suggest that we should invalidate what we’re thinking, yet, it’s important to remember, it is only those thoughts that are limiting us, that we must eliminate.  

The influence of thought can also become very clear to us when we study. We can truly come to understand that we are what we think we are. How you respond to your experiences – from moment-to-moment, day-to-day – is decided by how you think. What you choose to expose yourself to also has a bearing on this. Through raising awareness, to our true nature, we can instantly improve wellbeing. 

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2 thoughts on “During Meditation

  1. Hi Philip, Do you do courses on meditation and mindfulness. If so where are they located, when do they start, and how much.Please can you let me know. Regards Desmond Durston


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