Empowerment: The Most Beautiful Game of All

Learn the game well

Raising our awareness to human nature is something of a double edged sword. At times we can become acutely aware of the ugly, clumsy, will of man.

We are all very willful. Take the example of driving . . . you’re about to preform an overtake; you look in the mirror; all clear behind so you pull into lane two. Then, during the overtake, and seemingly out of nowhere, comes a huge SUV bearing down on you, hardly a few feet behind. He starts flashing his lights intimidating you; ‘ordering you’ to get out of the way. Clumsy, willful, and intimidating behaviour.

And then there’s the need for control over others. Everyday we experience the willfulness of other people. Everyday we’re bombarded with messages that seek to manipulate us into bowing down to the influence of others. This influence can also be a double edge sword. For example, how a parent influences a child – to behave well – is best conducted through example. ‘Monkey see monkey do’ acts in a very literal sense, so the examples we set to our children, must always be clean and clear.

Accepting the truth of our failings, instead of trying to blame others in order to gain the advantage, (whatever that might constitute) is further example.

One form of willfulness, often misunderstood, is that of the teacher. Effective teachers must find ways to neutralist the will of their students. You understand this can never be to the point of damaging self-esteem; viewpoint and opinion must be acknowledge, however, if the will of the student overpowers the teacher, this runs the risk of undermining the message. And the message with empowerment is love.

Does swiftly getting out of the way, empower the SUV driver, or does this only compound his bullying behaviour?

Self preservation dictates getting out of the way. Our attitude toward such an individual must be neither empowering or disempowering. We simple move gently out of their way, and at the same time, remove them from our thoughts. With the alternative of our teacher student or parent child examples, we must seek to enlighten the student or child of how limiting clumsy or ugly willfulness can prove to be. Provided we remain calm and unaffected, angry, aggressive behavior, does more harm to SUV drivers than us. The levels of stress they’re obviously experiencing is killing them, stop allowing it to infect you. Live longer, that’ll do.

It follows with clumsy willfulness in all aspects of life. We must dismiss it and see it for what it really is: Lack. We must never lack the strength to teach love; it is the job of the weak and clumsy to teach fear. That’s what it takes to gently move out of the way: Strength.

Those who have mental strength and confidence assert their will without you even noticing it. When this level of skill is demonstrated, by those whose intention it is to empower you, wonderful things can happen. Love is free to happen.

Raise your awareness by learning how to meditate.

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