As I Sit and Meditate . . .

Become a Meditator

As I sit . . .

The cushion raises me from the floor, my legs are crossed, I maintain a little strength in my abdomen. As I imagine a fine thread, attached to the grown of my head, it gently pulls straight my spine; my chin automatically tucks itself in. Now, gently swaying backwards forwards left and right, I feel for my balance.

and meditate . . .

Eyes just closed, gently attentive to my breathing, yet notice, the flowing thoughts in my head.

my thoughts abate . . .

As my mind wanders, with these thoughts, I remind myself of my purpose: My purpose is to gain control – of this straying mind. To do so, I bring my attention, single pointedly, back to my breathing. Repeat repeat – again and again – in time my thoughts abate.

confusion dissipates . . .

Confusion is the lack of certainty and uncertainty prevails. Without thought there is neither, therefore, confusion will cease; dissipating like melting snow on stone.

and conflict is resolved . . .

Opposing thoughts create conflict. Without thought, this duality no longer exists, therefore, conflict is resolved like the merging of two rivers.

Learn to rest, learn to meditate.

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