In a Previous Life

Freedom from Beliefs Borne of Guilt

You’ve probably heard it expressed in this way: “You know what? I must have done something really bad in a previous life!”

It could be that we’re seeking to achieve something, yet finding success so elusive, that we’re looking to understand why. The expression is of course a little tongue in cheek, however, there is some truth to it.

I don’t mean to suggest I believe in past lives, yet, I do understand how the past, however long forgotten, can still hold sway over the present. Many of the choices and decisions we make now, are influenced by the beliefs formed, back then. If, for example, we were to peer into the unconscious, and make a list of our beliefs about life in general, we’d likely find a few surprises and a window into to the past.

What would surprise the average person the most, is the extent to which these beliefs, create influence.

Gaining insight into limiting beliefs is the stuff of a curious mind. Suffice to say, it takes a very courageous and curious individual indeed, to willingly delve into their unconscious. Even so, the effect, can be extremely powerful. 

Consider the individual who poses the question: How is it, no matter what I attempted, I remained unsuccessful. Perhaps he discovers the belief: Life is hard. He would begin to understand how being successful directly conflicts with this belief. In other words, success would imply that life can be beautiful, and his unconscious is having none of that. 

“Remember me lying in the gutter when you drive past in your Rolls Royce smoking your cigar”

A Twat

Guilt, of the kind instilled by these words, can be devastating.

It was okay for the individual – on the receiving end of this comment – to help others make their lives beautiful, but when it came to his own life, others always came first. The change that was needed involved firstly clarifying how helping others helped him, and secondly, it was important for him to understand how he must stop being a ‘one trick’ kind of guy. 

He must also see how utterly devastating unconscious (unrecognised) guilt can be. He needed to learn how to spread himself out a bit more. Think of it: How much joy do those who spread joy experience? Exactly. More than the average. 

Be above average and question your beliefs.  

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