Seeing Things as a Game (the flaws)

Do they know what they’re doing?

When we take a step back and observe the behaviour of our fellow man, we can understand the need to think of things (life in general), as a game. The problem here though is, it’s not actually a very pleasant one, is it? Thought of as a game we can get very tired of it.

Consider the propaganda displayed by political parties here in the UK. Is the assumption we’re all stupid or something? Do they know what they’re doing? Do they actually know HOW to govern? And what about the astonishing behaviour of people in general? The horrible intolerance toward each other: the constant tussle for recognition and supremacy. All the vile hatred, anger, and confusion.

It seems, if you’re no longer prepared to bullshit your way through life, you’ll just get ignored. If you’ve stopped lying – and become sincere – you’re no one. Take the politicians, it’s hard to believe a word they say. Nothing adds up. And so if these politicians aren’t actually genuinely concerned, about making the country they’re seeking to govern a more loving, compassionate, and pleasant place to be, what are they seeking?

Does it really all come down to a fight for power and supremacy? In my mind I’m currently thinking it does. IT feels a little sad, does it not? It feels like chaos.

There is genuine power in leaving a chaotic game behind; if only for a short while. Are you waiting for permission or something? None required. 

In whatever way you see fit, learn to meditate; learn to rest.

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