Those Who Want to Stop You (Meditation Courage)

It really doesn’t pay to be passive and gentle all the time

It’s easy to assume that those who meditate are passive and gentle all the time isn’t it? We all know the archetype don’t we? The young Buddhist sitting amongst the flowers with butterflies lazily dancing around his head . . . how wonderful and idyllic. What utter nonsense.

It really doesn’t pay to be passive and gentle all the time. Being that way, at times when you need to assert yourself, is asking to get walked on, that’s for sure

Never misunderstand me. I’m not suggesting we become angry at the drop of a hat, what I am suggesting though, is that we take responsibility for ourselves. Some Buddhists collect alms and then sit in monasteries being taken care of by those around them. Most of us don’t have that kind of disability. Most of us, once we reach adulthood (and some even before that), must take care of ourselves. Yes we have a welfare state, and yet when we sit and really think about that, how many use this as an excuse to shirk personal responsibility? 

Those who become reliant on the care of others become dependent and weekend as a result. They become very frightened when the time eventually comes (as it always does) for them to take charge and change. This is how the welfare state disables people: it makes them frightened and dependent.

And so meditation is a workout for the mind. We can strengthen our resolve through meditation. When we’re able to demonstrate to ourselves, how it’s possible to take conscious control of a previously wayward mind, we prove our determination and commitment. For that is what’s required to be successful at meditation; to be successful at anything worth doing for that matter. Never assume that someone who meditates is a pushover. Quite the opposite.

The opposite of passive because the process of raising one’s awareness brings with it an awareness of the controlling behaviour of others

It’s like the cyclist who gets angry at motorists who use their cars as weapons. Being driven at and intimidated by people in cars happens all the time to cyclists. When we ask why, we see that cyclists very easily take power from the little men in their metal boxes. The little men don’t like it when the cyclist – under his own power, fit and strong – is able to move around faster than them. This angers the little cowards sitting in their metal boxes. 

The way the meditator deals with this, is to never place themselves in harm’s way, and to assertively make the drivers aware of their frightened, cowardly nature.

That’s right, he doesn’t just calmly tolerate being pushed around, he asserts his rights as a fellow human being. Something the passive pushover could never do.  

Raise Your Awareness Learn to Meditate.      

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