The Beauty of Solitude

The Importance of Time Alone

Here, at The School of Mind, we’re passionate about imparting how to gain the greatest benefit and power, from the discipline of meditation.

Guided Meditation

When first learning how to meditate, being verbally guided by a meditation teacher, is very useful. There is a very important proviso to consider with this technique though. Meditation is primarily about increasing awareness and gaining conscious control. If it’s our intention to attend weekly, guided meditation classes, there can be a tendency to become reliant on this. Conscious control becomes that of the operator rather than the meditator.

To some extent, being constantly guided, is a little like the father who continues to hold on to the back of the saddle whilst his son is learning to ride. Eventually he must let go. The sooner he does, the sooner balance, direction, and smooth steering, will begin. The joy, father then experiences, comes from witnessing independent control and freedom.

The afternoon course 

Our first experiences of anything new are the ones that tend to stick. Being introduced to meditation, through our unique step-by-step process, ensures your early experience acts as a powerful anchor to the success of your future daily practice. From learning correct posture, to overcoming any resistance, (our stimulation-addicted-minds may offer) one afternoon, will easily be sufficient for you to begin the process of finding necessary balance and ability: The ability to gently steer your mind in a controlled and compassionate fashion. 

Beautiful Solitude

There are of course those who prefer to be with groups of people whilst meditating, or cycling, for that matter. Even so, it is important to be aware, a big part of meditation, and its power, is that of finding solitude. We rarely spend time alone, and unless we do, we’ll never fully discover how solitude naturally quietens the mind. There must be no one to bother you, no one wanting anything from you, and no needing anything whilst meditating. Therefore, solitude, along with the skills for increasing conscious awareness and control, firmly in your hands, means success, is only a matter of time and determination. 

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