It’s the Connections that Matter


“It is in all that complex synaptic entanglement that our intelligence lies, not in the number of neurons, as was once thought” – David Eagleman

Consider your friends and loved ones . . . what is the quality of the connections you have with them? What kind of bearing do these people have on your life?

There is a natural tendency for us to model ourselves on the people we love and admire. As children, it’s those people we feel most inspired by, that have the greatest influence upon us. When we experience people who’ve harnessed the powerful energies of passion and love; who have then directed this at what they do, we become infected. Yes, we’re infected, with this very same energy.

Once these positive connections are forged the can stay with us for life

We can easily compare these connections to the type made at the neurological level within our brains. We can then wonder about thoughts and how these thoughts lead on from one to another. We can then compare these thoughts to our beliefs. How are our beliefs formed and how do they influence our intelligence? How do they influence our successes and failures?

It is the inspirational, energetic people we believe in, that have the greatest influence

From very early on, it’s how others engaged with us, that determines our own outlook. We know that enthusiasm and positivity are infectious, yet unfortunately, the same can be said about their opposites. Negative or positive both require energy and input from the brain.

The links and connections that determine our outlook, are, at the neurological level, equally energetic. All we need ask is, what am I achieving through displaying a negative attitude? How is it I’m choosing to expend my energy at being depressed and negative? Am I still mimicking someone from my past who displayed this behaviour.

It could well be that mimicking others helped us feel loved and created a sense of belonging. Where and when in the past, were the links formed in the brain, that we’re continuing to maintain today?

We can create our own luck, by finding inspirational people to influence and infect us, in a positive manner, now

So from the minuscule dendrites to the synapses inbetween, our neurons, are inexplicable linked and entangled. These links and connections define the workings of the brain, and ultimately, who we are. It is important for us to remember: The map of these neurons determine the direction and links between thoughts. These maps (belief systems) are either revisited or ignored through our choosing. Make a conscious decision to pay close attention to the maps of your thoughts, and recognise the wisdom, in questioning their design.

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