Dodgems or Bumpers

Yesterday we visited Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre in Devon. Immediately drawn to taking a ride on the Dodgems, it was only later, I got to thinking. Are they Dodgems or Bumper cars? 

As I see it, the aim of the game is to avoid, getting bumped. That way the car reaches its top speed. If you continually bump into others, the car slows, and takes an age to get back up to speed again. There is of course fun to be had bumping into others, and yet the most fun I had, was when the car was travelling its fastest. Then I was able to overtake others. Avoiding getting bumped really is what it’s all about.

Riding on the dodgems as a child I’m sure I did my fair share of bumping 

It is useful to consider how you see things. Would you prefer to travel fast, overtaking the crowd, or do you like to stay behind, bumping and crashing into all around? It could be said that in life we must mix things up a little. We can do both (dodge and bump) yet by learning to fully appreciate what there is to gain from steering around, dodging those who prefer to clash and collide, means we’re the ones who have the most fun.

You will find as you go through life that there are those who prefer to push you around. It’s useful to see this as a game to play. The ability to dodge the bumpers is not necessarily an innate skill. Even so, we can learn how to think ahead.

By being forewarned of their presence, and seeking out the gaps ahead, we get to have fun whilst playing the game 

As you whizz around the dodgems course, take a look over your shoulder now, what do you see? Perhaps, amongst the chaos, you see children laughing and screaming. Is it time to leave them behind and take part in the grown-ups fun?

Take Control of Your Mind.