From Gamma to Theta

You might not think it immediately useful to know what brain waves are, and potentially, it isn’t. However, there is benefit, in knowing that brain waves – or states of mind – are actually something we can have greater control over, than we might think.

Better Control Over Your Mind Equals Better Control Over Your Life

Waves and their frequencies are measured in Hertz (Hz) and our brains (on average) have wave frequencies of between 0.5 Hz and 100 Hz. It follows a useful logic, that the slower the frequency, the more relaxed we are. From lowest to highest frequencies they are ordered in this way:

  • Delta Waves – Occur during sleep
  • Theta Waves – Occur during deep trance
  • Alpha Waves – Occur in light trance
  • Beta Waves – Occur whilst awake
  • Gamma Waves – Occur during meditation and higher cognitive reasoning

So, Gamma, the highest wave frequency, is associated with higher cognitive function, and has been found during meditation. This, in itself is interesting, as it does confirm our findings: 

  • Meditation, is of great value, if improved logical reasoning, cognitive function and stress management, (awareness and attention focus) are your goals. In fact, present, focused and alert, best describes the mind state meditation can achieve. 

Alpha and Theta waves are associated with Hypnosis (Alpha, light trance and Theta, deep). Again, interesting, because it also confirms our findings: 

  • Light to deep levels of Hypnotic Trance (operator or self induced) are most beneficial for developing creativeness, imagination, relaxation, the effective seating of suggestion/autosuggestion, and easing deeper psychological conflict.

Finally Beta is associated with being fully awake and Delta with fast asleep.  

Let there be no confusion . . . Meditation and Hypnosis, are two very different states of mind, used for very different purposes. Attendance on our Meditation to Mindfulness Workshop is the first step and you can discover more here.

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